The belt size is measured from the buckle end of the belt leather to the hole used.To ensure the perfect fit, here are our guidelines to working out your belt size. There are two ways you can measure your belt size, either by measuring your waist yourself, or by using an existing belt that you're happy with.

✴️ For a more accurate result, we would advise that you wear either the item which you are buying the belt to wear with,
    or something of the samethickness to what you plan to wear the belt over.
✴️ Using a tape measure, measure the point of your body where you intend on wearing the belt i.e waist or hip
✴️ If you're buying a trouser belt, we advise that you measure the size of the belt hoops before placing an order - just to ensure     that the belt width will fit the trousers.

The first and last holes in a belt are the markers of the size. As you can see in the illustration below, the first hole from the buckle prong indicates the smallest measurement of the size, and the last hole indicates the largest. It's always best to choose the size which your measurements sit in the middle of, leaving room to tighten or loosen when needed.

If you already have a belt which fits you perfectly, and you just want an update or new style, it's easy to measure your size from an existing belt.

✴️ Put your belt on where you would normal wear it, and note which hole you use.
✴️ Lay the belt flat on a table, and measure the distance from the hole you use, to the point 1cm below the buckle prong. This will     give you your belt size, so simply pick the size which your measurement fits into.
✴️ Never measure the entire length of the belt, as this will not give you an accurate size indication.